lookup site columns are created with a field name of "LookupField"


You will also find that when you try to create two lookup site columns the second will fail with error "a duplicate name="LookupField" already exists

Solution is up date line 52 of spps.sitecolumns.psm1 from

$newSiteColumn = "<Field DisplayName='$fieldname' Type='Lookup' Required='TRUE' List='$lookuplistid' WebId='$LookupWebid' Name='LookupField' ShowField='$LookupField' Group='$SiteColumnGroup' />"

$newSiteColumn = "<Field DisplayName='$fieldName' Type='Lookup' Required='TRUE' List='$LookupListID' WebId='$LookupWebid' Name='$fieldName' ShowField='$LookupField' Group='$SiteColumnGroup'  />"


kilasuit wrote Aug 26, 2015 at 1:49 PM

In the next release (hopefully this weekend) we will be implementing the ability to specify the internal name as well as fixing this issue.

Thanks for bringing it to my attention

wrote Aug 26, 2015 at 1:50 PM