In the upcoming months we will be planning the following additions
  • Further Community driven development - This will involve having a GitHub Repo as well as this one If you wish to contribute then please pull from the GitHub repo and this will act as a Full release only Repo in the coming months
  • Further Installation options - With release of WMF 5 & PowerShell V5 we will look to add SPCSPS to the PowerShell gallery so that it can be installed and usable using just Install-Module SPCSPS
  • We will align and integrate with Office 365 Dev PnP which will ensure that some of the SPCSPS functions will be in Office 365 Dev PnP
  • We will create and maintain a version compatibility list for CSOM across the SharePoint Versions and as an offset of this we will start to build into the functions some version checking i.e if your on 2010 you will not be able to run a function that will only work online etc.
  • We will have more SharePoint User group visibility and will attempt to attend as many as possible across the UK where possible to Share the knowledge of SPCSPS - "Sharing is caring" quoted by Vesa Juvonen - Office365Dev PnP Project Lead
  • We Will bring more Functions in line with real end user needs - You suggest it and we will do what we can ( even better if you can contribute with your own samples as above )

For Future updates on this project including blog posts for demos of functions and examples you will get the latest by following myself on twitter - @ryanyates1990

We look forward to getting more out of SharePoint from Client Systems using SPCSPS

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